2015 KIA Sportage Crossover, A Beauty without Pricey

Who say that such car with beautiful design and adorable performance should be pricey? KIA Sportage crossover 2015 model is the real proof that you still are capable to have such stylish vehicle that cost you not too much. This 2015 model of KIA crossover delivers its driver with refined ride. Furthermore, 2015 KIA Sportage crossover, anytime you ride it, you will get nothing but a whole enjoyment. So then, choose this compact crossover as your first move is something to consider, if you prefer the combination of affordable price, super fun riding experience and the last but not least an impressive performance.
2015 KIA Sportage Crossover

2015 KIA Sportage Crossover Engine and Design

You may not believe this, but in fact, 2015 KIA Sportage crossover is one from several crossover that delivers its lovers with not to say super cheap, but a mouthwatering shocking price. Why? The price to pick this crossover home is $21,750 for its base model; meanwhile for the upper trim level it takes $29,600. Simply say, from about twenty fours affordable crossovers that available on earth, 2015 model of Kia Sportage takes the number eight position. So, be sure make this one as your wish-list.
As a crossover with affordable price, 2015 KIA Sportage crossover has amazing performance, thanks to its engine like 2.4L GDI engine that produces about 182 horsepower and 2.0L GDI engine that is mated with turbocharged that have capability to reach 260 horsepower. Addition, you may deal with three different trims for this model such as LX, EX and SX. Yes, different people must have different taste, for those who expect speed, then SX model is what they need. However, for those who don’t think too much about the speed then consider LX and EX.

2015 KIA Sportage Crossover Appearance

Then, for its design, KIA Sportage Crossover for 2105 model is quite impressive. The sharp body features with its bold line boost its manly appearance. Furthermore, with the addition of LED lighting for rear lighting and HID headlight, you can predict that this crossover will stole many attentions. Don’t forget about 2015 KIA Sportage crossover technology feature. Just like its awesome design, the technology feature for this one is quite intuitive to assist driver to drive the crossover. Overall, this crossover is more than ideal as anyone companion on road. But, for those who have typical big body figure, you must satisfy with the limited for the legroom. Anyway, test-drive first before judge.
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